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Speech & Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)

Ruth Jacobs MSc MRCSLT is an extremely experienced and well respected Speech and language Therapist. Ruth qualified in 1967 and gained an MSc in 1973. She worked for the NHS until 1986 when she went into independent practice and has been the Principal of two large multidisciplinary practices since that time.

Ruth now works part time and also supervises and mentors Speech and Language Therapists.

What we provide

Ruth carries out speech and language assessments. She offers advice and support for parents, carers and other professionals. She will plan and supervise speech and language therapy programmes. Ruth works with a small team of Therapists to whom she refers after assessment. Her team work in clinics, at home and in schools and nurseries.

Speech and Language Therapists help children with:

Children who struggle at school often have underlying speech and language problems.

Speech and Language Therapists work with children who have:

  • delayed language development
  • speech sound disorder or delay
  • verbal dyspraxia
  • higher level language difficulties
  • social and emotional difficulties
  • stammering
  • selective mutism
  • global developmental delay
  • specific learning difficulties
  • memory/word finding difficulties
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder


Ruth see children for assessment at:

The Dyslexia Teaching Centre or remotely via Zoom or Skype

Visits to schools and nurseries for observation and assessments. Advice sessions are also carried out when appropriate.

Ruth's speech and language therapy team see children regularly in nursery, school or at home.

For more information please contact our Practice Manager: Wendy Jenkins

Telephone 074 8487 5117