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Dyslexia Teaching Centre

Our Impact

Dyslexia help for children in schools is highly variable.

The average dyslexic child does not qualify for specialist help under the Special Educational Needs Act 2001 as they sit within the mild-moderate range of the dyslexia spectrum.

They struggle to learn to read and write at the same pace as a non-dyslexic child. This impacts on their confidence and school experience. With low self-esteem dyslexic children are vulnerable to feeling disenfranchised from their school and community, and struggle to reach their true potential.

The London Dyslexia Initiative offers consistent, targeted help to dyslexic children. Our aim is to work with our partner schools to give them the literacy skills needed to cope in secondary schools, and beyond.

Some of the children we teach come to us feeling very negative about themselves. Some show this by their tricky behaviour in class or at home, and indeed, in a few cases, with us too.  However, we have a proven track record of raising the children’s literacy rates, with them making huge strides in reading comprehension and writing skills.  We are delighted to see their self-confidence and happiness grow.  It gives us all great pleasure to see these children blossom as their reading and confidence takes off.