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Dyslexia Teaching Centre

GCSE Core Subjects

We offer one-to-one tuition in GCSE English Language and English Literature, and Maths.

We understand that all students learn differently and that some need some extra support in a calm setting, away from the busy classroom. 

Our tutors take time to understand the student’s needs and teach in a way that the student prefers, working on their strengths and focusing on areas of need.

One-to-one tuition provides a lifeline for many pupils who need the time and space to understand key concepts and develop essential skills.  The sessions offer targeted work on past paper questions, which is crucial at GCSE.  Our tutors, some with senior examiner experience, are highly experienced in delivering GCSE syllabi.

Before arranging tuition for your child, we ask that you complete our questionnaire and provide as much detail as you can.  This will allow us to provide a bespoke learning package, supporting your child with appropriate learning intervention.

DTC Assessment Questionnaire

You will receive clear communication on your child’s progress.

To make an enquiry about tuition please contact the centre on

075 9221 2375 or email us at